Yes, we CAN!

The Top Ten Reasons Why We Can Our Award Winning Beer

10. Cans are fun to crush.042-288-600-450-80-c

9. Bottle openers are not required.

8. Cans don’t clink nor shatter in your purse/backpack/cooler.

7. All the cool, hip and progressive craft breweries are doing it!

6. They fit perfectly in your favorite koozie.

5. Glass is prohibited on Montana’s award winning rivers & streams. And we live in a fishing mecca!

4. Cans are made of 100% recyclable aluminum and are the most recycled beverage containers worldwide.

3. Unlike glass, cans are opaque. Light-tight cans ensure the freshest tasting beer as does the food grade lining.

2. Cans are outdoor friendly, light weight and transportable allowing you to take them on your next Montana adventure to the river, lake, golf course, campground or any place glass is prohibited. Our cans easily fit in your cooler and backpack. Remember pack ‘em in, pack ‘em out.

1. We are…In Search of Cooler Times®: Aluminum cans require less energy to produce, ship and recycle and cool down significantly faster than glass.

  • You can find our KettleHouse cans around the western half of Montana in gas stations, grocery stores, and convenience stores. Check out our Beer Finder.
  • Check out this great article about our canning production. Or take a look yourself how it is done:

  • Our friends at Cask (the manufacturer of our canning system) have to a cool video of their system in action and a presentation. Check it out.

To end our can story on a light hearted note, here is poem:

Just a little Can
by Dan Nichols
I searched high
I searched low
I went to stores
I went to stations
I cursed the trials and tribulations
I was thirsty, it wasn’t fair
In fact I was close to despair
When across the Lee and Dads aisle
I spotted it with a smile
Those tall cans of Scottish brew
A Cold Smoke®, I wanted a few
reached out and was taken aback,
Only four, where’s the six pack!
I shook my head but then I knew,
That crafty Irishman, Tim O’Leary
Had saved himself a few.
Dan Nichols
Bozeman, Montana