Taproom Beer To-Go

Ever wonder how to get our delicious and oh so fresh beer straight from the taproom and into your living room or backyard? Here at KettleHouse we have a few options.
Growlers are half gallon or 32 oz. glass jugs. We also have several river friendly options made of stainless steel and Nalgene® plastic. Beer from your growler is best consumed within growlers to go24 hours. Think of it as buying a pitcher of beer to go and plan on sharing it with your friends. When you empty your growler, rinse it thoroughly with warm water, and let it air dry. Your growler is now ready for reuse!
We are proud to offer Missoula’s first Crowler® – a 32 ounce to-go can option. Originally developed by Oskar Blues Brewery in Longmont, Colorado, the Crowler® is filled to order in the taproom with any beer available for growler fills. The can is rinsed, purged with CO2, then filled and sealed right in front of the customer. The result is a recyclable package of great crowler1specialty and seasonal beer varieties (along with your favorites) canned to-go, perfect for all outdoor adventures. Crowlers® have a shorter shelf life than our traditional cans due to the filling process, and are designed to be consumed within a week. However, they offer some advantages over growlers such as protection from light and decreased oxygen exposure, both enemies of beer quality. Those features combined with a durable, lightweight and recyclable can make for a great way to put beer in your boat or backpack and enjoy world class beer in a world class setting.
4 pack and 8 pack Cans
What about our 16 ounce cans you say? Please continue to support partnering gas stations, grocery stores and convenience stores around the western part of Montana who sell our canned beer to-go.