Aging, Dispense & Specialty Beers

Whiskey BarrelsNitro beers are a blended with nitrogen gas that is injected into the beer causing a mesmerizing cascade of bubbles.  This non-traditional method of dispense takes a bit ‘o the bite out of the beer and allows the malt flavors to shine through.  Patience is a virtue! Allow the cascade to settle and build for that nice creamy head. Look for your favorites offered on nitro in both of our taprooms.

Cask Conditioned offerings are as traditional as they get!  Conditioning in beer terms means carbonating, so we let the yeast work their magic in a secondary fermentation.  Flat beer is sealed inside the cask with yeast and sugar, which creates a truly and uniquely cask conditioned product.  These beers are served slightly chilled and lightly carbonated to let the flavors come to life! A new cask is tapped every Friday at 2pm at our Northside taproom only.

Barrel Aged beer, as the name implies, has been aging in wooden barrels for a period of months to years.  The initial liquid that was stored in the barrel (i.e. bourbon, scotch, wine, etc.) will provide overtones to the finished product, and the charred oak lends subtle undertones of vanilla, maple, and wood.  Barrel aged offerings represent the art of blending in craft beers as the myriad of flavors and aromas create layers of complexity.

Imperials are the high gravity brews so imbibe with care! These beers have more malt resulting in more sugars being converted to alcohol. They also have more hops which help balance the maltiness. Please drink responsibly.