Southside Brewery

southsidehomepage2602 Myrtle Street was once simply “The KettleHouse”and later dubbed “The K-Hole”. It opened in late summer of 1995 and has evolved into what stands before you today, an iconic Missoula establishment.  If you were to slide into the taproom on any given day you might find yourself sitting next to the widest cross section of Montanans as you could possibly imagine.  The only thing more diverse than the patrons of the K-Hole is the wide spectrum of beer brewed on premise.  From Pilsners to Porters, to Bitters and Bocks, you can find it all at 602 Myrtle St.  We like to look at the Southside as our beer laboratory.

Our loyal patrons have helped steer the ship as it were, deciding what “ports of call” our brewers visit on their excursions in the brewhouse.  What started as Tim and Suzy’s little beer stand has become the place to try something new or order a classic growler of Cold Smoke® ScotchAle.

In recent years, our brewhouse has expanded into the newly-leased space next door. This move allows us to make more delicious beer to be sold around Montana. Our taproom capacity has expanded as well. Customers will be able to enjoy a pint while watching the production staff hard at work in the brewery next door.  With our extended hours, you can now enjoy the relaxed and fun atmosphere you’ve come to love for longer. Be sure to stop by the Myrtle Street Taproom and check it out our latest brews on tap and see all the friendly familiarfaces!

Southside Location
602 Myrtle St. Missoula, MT 59801

Open every day (except major holidays). Pints sold from noon until 9:30pm, growlers to-go until 10pm.

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