Seasonal Beers

* Found only at our Southside location *

Garden City™ Pale Ale is a yearly specialty highlighting the unique microclimate of Missoula.  We use all locally grown fresh hops to brew a single malt pale ale which showcases the seasonality of Missoula’s growing season.  Come join us for our Community Hop Pickin’ Party each fall!  Fresh hopped, wet hopped….what could be better? 5% abv;  IBU’s unknown

Check out this article by Hoppy Bob on our 4th Annual Hop Picking Party and be sure to keep an ear out next fall for our next hop picking bash.

Ginseng Pale Ale is a summer seasonal that will keep you going on the hottest of summer days!  Two row barley and Munich malts provide a sessionable backbone to this easy drinkin’ ale.  Siberian Ginseng, provided by Missoula’s own Larry Evans, lends a slight herbal quality which blends nicely with a mild dose of Cascade hops.  5.5% abv; 20 IBUs

Festival of the Dead Very Pale Ale combines light caramel malts and Crystal hops to form this Very Pale Ale.  Look for this fall specialty on tap in celebration of the Dia de los Muertos. 5.5% abv; 26 IBUs

Hellgate® Honey Hefeweizen is a smooth drinker for those hot summer days. The honey helps boost the alcohol content while also adding a floral bouquet to the nose. Yeast is left in the beer to add body, head retention and stability, as well as a slight haziness. 5.5% abv; 16 IBUs

ZulaStout is a rich, full flavored stout with hints of chocolate and coffee.  Willamette flavoring hops adds an earthy aroma.  We offer this one on Nitro as well, aka Slow Ride Stout. 6.5% abv; 47 IBUs

Maibock is a full bodied, golden amber, aromatic and richly malted lager. Traditionally served in the spring, this bock is a little on the sweeter side. 7.5% abv; 27 IBUs

Discombobulator™ Dopplebock this exceptionally smooth, full bodied lager will sure to leave your palate wanting more. Dark, rich and containing enough malty goodness to discombobulate even the most experienced of beer drinkers.  8.5% abv; 28 IBUs.

Hemptober Spliff™ is a traditional Oktoberfest, brewed in a non-traditional KettleHouse way.  Well-aged with a balanced body and hops, this one has a slightly sweet finish and a full white head. 6.5% abv; 24 IBUs

Al Pilsner™ is an easy going summer quaffer brewed with a dash of caramel malt for sweetness and a stash of Czech Saaz hops for a crisp finish. Like the real Al Pils, it is well balanced, user friendly, and fun to take fishing on a hot summer day. 5.1% abv; 28 IBUs.

Joe Bong™ Coffee Porter is not just your average Joe Shmo’! We combine fresh, locally roasted coffee with a robust porter and BAM! Enjoy one of these when you need that little extra boost for that après activity. 5.5% abv; 25 IBU’s