Update on Supply and Future Plans

Dear Friends,

I’m writing today to apologize for the recent product shortages you’ve been experiencing from us. We haven’t been able to keep up with the rising demand for, Cold Smoke® Scotch Ale, Double Haul® IPA, and Eddy Out® Pale Ale. When we started canning our award winning beers in 2006, we had no idea that the reception would be so great. As a result, we built our business with very modest production goals in mind. At the time, no one in our industry believed anyone could sell craft beer in a can, let alone cases and cases of craft beer in a can. Being homegrown Montanans with modest means and expectations, we did not plan for this kind of success.   We also had to deal with production caps forced upon us by restrictive Montana brewery laws that discourage homegrown breweries to expand. We have recently restructured our business so that we can now make the major investments required to produce enough beer to keep you from running out. We have a contract to buy 18 acres outside of Missoula in Bonner upon which to build a large production brewery. We expect to close on the property in spring of 2015. Construction will commence at that time for a brewery that will be able to grow as needed. We hope to be producing beer out of this facility by spring of 2016.

In the meantime, we are producing all we can make and guarantee to be great tasting and award winning. We will do our best to plan ahead and stock up before summer 2015. However, we have not identified a short term solution to our current seasonal beer shortages. I can be reached at 406-728-1660 if you have any ideas or would like to call, or meet and discuss ways for us to serve you better. For now though, all I can do is apologize and ask for your patience while we get to work building a brewery that can keep pace with this explosive growth in the craft beer segment.

Thanks and Cheers,


Tim O’Leary Co-Founder and Owner