Community UNite

KettleHouse Community UNite started as a way to give back to the people that have given so much to our business in terms of patronage and to help contribute to the community spirit Missoula is well known for.

For the year of 2020, KettleHouse Brewing Company will be having two options that you can apply for. We are proud to be introducing our Community UNite’s on a monthly basis at our Bonner taproom. We’ve enjoyed building this program at the Northside, and we look forward to inviting our non-profit partners to our newest KettleHouse location. As our UNite’s transition to the Bonner taproom, the Northside will now be launching a new program supporting one non-profit each quarter. This new program offers the selected non-profit partners the opportunity to come to the Northside and brew a collaborative beer with KettleHouse lead brewer, Jed. Once the beer is ready (about two weeks later), we’ll host a beer release party at the taproom and invite the public to come enjoy your custom tailored brew! Through the end of the quarter, each time a pint of the collaboration beer is purchased, money from that sale goes directly to your organization. 2020 Community UNite Application

We will also be extending the deadline through the November 15th. We look forward to sharing our newly structured community giving events with you and hope you’ll be just as excited as we are!

**Please note if you’ve been selected for Community UNite 2019, your event will still be held at the Northside. The Bonner won’t be hosting these events until 2020.**